Dental Imaging and Sensors

Experience for yourself why the DentiMax Dream Sensor earned the Dental Advisor's Editors' Choice and a 4.8 out of 5 from Dental Product Shopper – the highest score ever given to a dental sensor.

Dental Xray Sensor Features

Our dental sensors represent the latest technology in digital radiography. To create better x-rays for dental clinics, DentiMax focused on the details to make them excel in every area.

Dental Sensor Features


The Dream Sensors by design provide the best fit for mouths of all sizes. With rounded, beveled corners as well as the thinnest CMOS design on the market, your patients will definitely feel the difference!


This Dream Sensor bridges to virtually all dental software packages on the market – even to the “don’t play well with others” brands.


With Kevlar® reinforced and repairable cables which are connected to waterproof, tightly-sealed housing with corners that absorb shock, these sensors are built to last.


After many countless hours of refinement and work from our engineers as well as critical tests through clinical trials, the DentiMax Dream Sensors have rightfully earned its award-winning images with the dental industry.

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