Dental Practice Management Software Training

Until your entire staff is up and operational with DentiMax, comfortably using the dental software to its fullest extent, our job is not complete. To address your practice’s needs and challenges, our trainers will help your team learn DentiMax in a way so they can increase their production, collections, and overall patient satisfaction.

Training Options

To determine the best training approach for your team, inquire with our team.

Training Service Options Include:

  • Advanced Online Training
  • Trainer Follow-ups on Software Success
  • In-office Training
We understand that every practice is unique. We have training options designed for every budget and situation. Whether you are looking for hourly training, or a complete training program - we have you covered.

Online Training


Buy 3 Hours, Get 1 Free

$297/4 Hours

Complete 5-Step Training Solution

To address the very real needs and challenges of today’s practices, our five-step training system is designed to help your team quickly understand, learn, and use DentiMax in a way that increases your production, collections, and overall patient satisfaction.

The 5-Step Plan Includes:

Step 1: Remote Support Software Installation Set-Up

Our technicians can “remote” into your computers, install DentiMax for you, and work with your employees to customize the software settings for your practice’s unique needs.

Step 2: Two Days of In-Office Training

Our seasoned trainers take two complete days to train you and your staff on DentiMax. On Day One, your front desk will receive training on all the practice management areas of the software, and Day Two your back office (and front office, if you wish) will receive training on all the clinical areas of the software. We will also have a trial run with your staff.

Step 3: "Go Live Day" On-Call Support

There is nothing quite as fun and exciting as going “live” with a new system. A DentiMax trainer will stand-by via the Internet or telephone for your staff to make sure any additional questions get addressed.

Step 4: Two Weeks of Advanced Online Training

After two weeks of using “live” software, your team is ready for advanced online training. Here DentiMax trainers will address all your staff’s follow-up questions and help them become experts with the software.

Step 5: Five Weeks of Software Success Assurance

With patients coming in every day with real-life needs, your staff may find more questions. DentiMax will call your staff each day for the next three days after going live, then call each week for five weeks. Your staff can also text message with their trainer during this time period for quick responses.

Complete Training: 5-Step Plan


Empower Your Office with Dental Software Training

Contact our sales team to learn what program works for your dental office.