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Will DentiMax Imaging support other imaging hardware?

The DentiMax Imaging Software is one of a VERY few TRUE OPEN digital imaging systems, the DentiMax Imaging software supports ALL digital dental hardware on the market. Every sensor, phosphor plate scanner, intra-oral cameras and digital pan/ceph units. There is ONE exception, the Dexis® sensor. The Dexis® sensor will only work with the Dexis® imaging system, ALL other digital sensors work NATIVELY (no TWAIN driver) in the DentiMax Imaging software.

Can I use DentiMax sensors in other imaging programs?

With the DentiMax special TWAIN driver, you can use the DentiMax DREAM sensor in any imaging application that supports TWAIN capture (nearly ALL imaging programs do – this is the same method which standard flatbed scanners acquire images through) Our TWAIN is different than most TWAIN drivers. Most will only allow you to capture one image at a time. The DentiMax TWAIN driver is special and has a “continuous capture mode”, so you can capture any series, bite wings or a full mouth series without stopping! Depending on the application that you are using, that will determine how the images are returned (and how the capture process begins as well) so talk with one of our imaging specialists and they can help you determine the functionality of the TWAIN in your imaging software.

Does the DentiMax sensor have a box?

The DentiMax DREAM sensor is a BOXLESS sensor, there is not additional “box” or component besides the sensor that is needed. It is a direct USB connection which makes it extremely easy to move from op to op.

What warranties are available for the DentiMax sensor?

The standard manufacturer’s warranty covers any manufacturer defects and is automatically included for free with every sensor. We also have our Extended FIVE-YEAR warranty which covers anything outside of a manufacturer defect (except theft), you could run over the sensor with your car and it would be covered under the extended warranty! Simply return the broken sensor to us and you will be able to get a BRAND NEW sensor at an extremely discounted price. You will never pay full price for a sensor you already purchased ever again!

Will DentiMax Imaging “bridge” with my practice management?

DentiMax Imaging will bridge with EVERY major practice management system on the market, it even bridges to some of the lesser know ones! Our bridge is also included for FREE (most companies charge extra for a bridge, even up to thousands of dollars!) There are also many PM software packages that bridge directly to us! Give us a call and one of our digital imaging specialists can go over the specifics with you.