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1. FREE Software Installation

DentiMax will help you hit the ground running! We include FREE installation and two training sessions (typically one hour per session) with each system. We believe that our job is not over once the sale is made. We schedule a time that is mutually beneficial to both you and our expert imaging staff to install the software on your server and the sensors / software in your operatories.

2. First FREE Training Session

Once we have installed and verified that your sensors and software are working properly, we will schedule your first remote one hour DentiMax software training session. In the training course, our trainer will remote into your computer system, and while he is on speaker phone, he will “hand hold” you and your staff through taking x-rays and using the software. After your first session of training, you will be able to take x-rays and use the software with ease. This training and setup process maximizes your investment and makes sure you are getting the best, timeliest support that the industry has to offer. Our goal is to make sure that you and your staff are comfortable with using the equipment from day one.

3. Second FREE Training Session

We ask that you use the software for at least a week or two before we schedule your second training session. This way you and your staff can gather a list of questions that we can address in the second class. This second training session is completely tailored to your practice. We go over all your questions and make sure that your staff is comfortable with both the software and the sensors. We will even help you with technique questions! Once we are sure all your and your staff’s questions are answered, we will go into more advanced features of the software.

4. Additional Training

In our experience, after completing these two classes, 95% of the offices will only need minimal technical support, but that is what our technical support department is here for! If you have additional questions or if you need a reminder of something covered in one of the classes, you can call us and one of our friendly technical support representatives will be more than happy to help you. The initial training is just another benefit that separates DentiMax from the rest of the industry and helps to ensure that you have a good experience with digital imaging no matter if you are switching from film or if you have been using a digital system for years. DentiMax is here to help you make your transition a success!

To order training for your office, call (800) 704-8494