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Of all the sensors I have tried, the DentiMax sensor is by far the most comfortable for the patient.

I wish to express my sincerest commendation to the DentiMax Support Staff and Technicians. I would like to specially mention Mr. Jim Ramey who assisted me on several occasions to rectify issues with DentiMax Imaging. These problems were related to it being a new installation and the unfortunate event of my server crashing. Mr. Ramey was extremely patient with me and my computer Tech, despite the fact that we had a poor Internet connection and we delayed him repeatedly. He was always pleasant and helpful on every occasion we interacted. He was always willing to accommodate me even though he was recuperating from illness and was working part time. I look forward doing some tutorials on Dentimax Imaging with him after his recovery. I would like to thank Dentimax for its fantastic software and even more for its excellent Customer Care and Support. I have not the slightest regret in my decision to purchase your Management and Imaging software. You guys are fantastic!

I find the Dentimax sensors and software user friendly The quality of the image is superb and I have been diagnosing things I wasn’t able to see with the regular film xray. My patient have done the transition and find the sensors comfortable. I recommend this sensors to any and every dentist that is in the market for Digital imaging. The price is very competitive.

Day 1: “Wanted to let you know we took first set of recall films with new system and I was able to diagnose that a crown was needed on a tooth with large filling and recurrent caries. I never would have seen that on old system.”
Day 2: “Good morning Shelly, Did I tell you how much I love the digital system????I was able to diagnose 4 crowns that needed to be done that I would not have seen on my old system. Also a potential lesion.”
Day 3: “I love the images!”


My name is Lauren and I have been a dental hygienist for 5 years. I have also worked with digital x-rays these past 5 years. I have used this sensor for 4-6 months and I absolutely love the image quality. The x-rays come out very clear and crisp, which makes it easier to detect bone loss and areas of decay. My patients have commented that this sensor doesn’t hurt like the “old x-rays”. I believe the rounded corners and thinner width is much more comfortable. Overall, I would definitely recommend this sensor to my dental colleagues


Just wanted to let you know I had my first lesson with Jim……it went great…..he saw the x-rays that we had taken yesterday….he told me he was very impressed with what we’d done….he gave me some pointers and tips on how to tweek em’ more. You guys were right….it is very easy….But again I have to stress, I was very proud to hear him say that the 4 bite wings that my dad took….1st time right outta the box…were done correctly!….now talk about teaching and old dog a new trick! I’m gonna call Jim in about a week…Thanks again

We purchased Dentimax software and sensors about a month ago. It is truly the most user friendly program. The sensors are the best. We did get samples from other companies and Dentimax sensors can’t be compared to other companies. Dentimax sensors are much smaller and thinner and are very durable and easy to use. The patient’s don’t complain that the sensors are bulky and hurting their mouth. The customer service at Dentimax has always been helpful and always returns our phone calls. Judi and Mark especially have helped us a lot and do treat you like a friend instead of a customer. Judi has made it a very easy transition for us to make this a smooth journey 🙂