DentiMax offers the Dreasm Sensor Care Package to our customers as a process to ensure the reliability of the Dream Sensor, as well as to provide technical support to sensor users.

Make a 12-month commitment to the Dream Sensor Care Package, and you will get the following:

Free access to the Loaner Sensor Program: Dream Sensor Care Package subscribers are entitled to free, temporary use of loaner sensors during a repair period. Non-subscribers are required to pay a $300 fee each time a sensor requires repair. The only cost to subscribers is shipping.

Dial in Your Perfect Image: Our support will help you make your x-ray images not only diagnostic but as perfect as possible. Whether you want your image darker, sharper, or smoother, we will work with you and your exposure settings to get it just right

Unlimited Support: The package includes unlimited remote technical support. If you run into difficulties, just call us and we will take care of you.

Initial and Annual Training: You will get two training sessions (typically one hour per session) every year on the plan.

Experience a superior open imaging system

Contact our sales team to learn more about our intuitive imaging software and Dream Sensors.