At DentiMax, we believe that the best dental software and dental sensors don’t have to be expensive. For the last 15 years, our goals have been all about creating award-winning dental software and x-ray solutions for practices that want to increase their productivity and profitability.

About Our History

In 2004, DentiMax’s co-founders David Arnett and Lee Varney realized something was missing in the dental world: a complete solution that included innovative dental software that was easy to use and dental sensors that produced high-quality x-rays, all at a fraction of the cost of what was available on the market.

David owned and ran two successful dental offices, while Lee was the head developer of a medical software company at the time. They knew what they had to do. They created an intuitive practice management software and imaging solution that helped dentists take their practice to the next level.

About Our Standards

Over the last 15 years, DentiMax has been awarded numerous accolades and is consistently rated as one of the top dental software and dental x-ray sensor providers.

DentiMax Practice Management software scored a perfect 5.0 rating on Dental Product Shopper’s evaluation because it "mirrors a practice's actual workflow" and takes dental software to a whole new level. The software is packed full of easy-to-use but powerful features like E-Rx, electronic patient registration, live patient insurance updates, patient texting, and electronic document signing.

The Dream Sensors have excelled in every area as well. They scored a 4.8 rating from Dental Product Shopper because of the crystal-clear images and hardware/software compatibility. They received the Dental Advisor’s Editors’ Choice award for patient comfort and high-quality x-rays, as well as multiple Dentistry Today’s Readers’ Choice Awards, proving to represent the latest in CMOS technology.

DentiMax has a commitment to innovate and listen closely to our customers in order to create the best products for them. If you have any questions, comments or suggestions for us, please let us know!

Reach out and learn about our software and about our sensors. We'd love to work with you.

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