January 11, 2024
DentiMax 24

DentiMax 24 is Here to Kick Start the New Year

DentiMax 24 is now available so you can start your new year with a new set of practice management features to improve the quality of your time and your staff’s time. The newest version of DentiMax builds on our award winning PM application and adds several new features to save time and keep you current with new ADA guidelines. So what’s new? Here’s a list of some of the most requested features from our users which have been added to the DentiMax workflow. DentiMax 24 Clinical Tools Create an amendment […]
December 27, 2023

The Ultimate Guide To The 2024 ADA Dental Claim Form

The American Dental Association (ADA) introduced a revamped 2024 dental claim form effective January 2024 that addresses some of the problems dental providers and insurers face when filing claims. In this blog post, we’ll explore the key changes of the new 2024 ADA dental claim form. Locum Tenens Dentists Now Available In 2024 ADA Dental Claim Form In the new 2024 ADA dental claim form, special attention was given to accommodate locum tenens dentists, which are dentists that take the place of another dentist on a temporary basis. Oftentimes, payers […]
October 19, 2023
Navigating Dental Burnout

7 Effective Tips for Navigating Dental Burnout

Dental burnout: a term known all too well among dental professionals across the world. In recent years, particularly since COVID-19, medical professionals have encountered extreme work conditions with little to no time to rest, eat, or use the restroom. Despite these circumstances, providers were still expected to be alert and engaged with patients. So, what are signs of dental burnout? Symptoms can include chronic fatigue, decreased motivation, cynicism, and reduced productivity. Fortunately, there are things you can do to reduce these intense feelings. Here are a few suggestions that may […]
October 12, 2023
tax-deductible business expenses

6 Common Tax Questions To Take Advantage Of Business Expenses

If you requested an extension to file your 2022 tax return, you know you need to file your tax form on or before October 16. But did you also know you could be missing out on tax-deductible business expenses? Justin D. Smith, owner of Tax Learning Network, answers the most common questions people ask in order to take advantage of business expenses. What are business expenses? Whenever we meet with clients, many are surprised to learn what they can actually classify as business expenses and even more are unaware of […]
October 3, 2023
David Arnett visits Samoa

DentiMax in Samoa

DentiMax is committed to providing high-quality equipment. It is also committed to serving those in need. On August, 2023, David Arnett, founder and CEO of DentiMax, traveled to Samoa, where he donated four Open Sensors, four laptops, and four imaging software systems to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and Samoan government dental clinics. Dentistry in Samoa Arnett first learned about the need for equipment in Samoa, a small island country located in the central South Pacific Ocean, when speaking to P. Brad Smith, a Dean of the […]
September 5, 2023
DentiMax vs. Dexis

DentiMax vs. Dexis Comprehensive 1-on-1

Today we examine the head to head of DentiMax vs. Dexis. Choosing the right sensor for your practice can be time-consuming and frustrating. It is crucial to compare sensors and ensure your sensor has features that integrate well into your practice. What makes the DentiMax Dream Sensor better than other sensors on the market? Here are just a few of the many advantages of the Dream Sensor compared to leading brands. DentiMax vs. Dexis by the Numbers Price With a retail price of $6,999, the Dream Sensor is one of […]
June 29, 2023
global payments integrated better payment partner

A Better Payment Partner for your Dental Practice

Keeping your practice growing means having the best tools in your back office. It also means having the best tools for your front office staff. A payment partner is a necessity for you to evolve your payment options as quickly as your patients do. Cash is declining as a payment source across all industries, especially in the medical and dental fields. Having a credit card reader isn’t enough. You need to adapt to new technologies and payment methods without overwhelming your staff. DentiMax has worked with our partner Global Payments […]
May 2, 2023

Meet Zane Huston – Software Developer

Your dental practice is always trying to stay modern, and DentiMax wants to stay modern with you. That’s happening because of our amazing software developers. Zane Huston has been helping DentiMax software grow and change for years and he’s going to keep us growing with you. Today, we turn the blog over to Zane to let you know about the people building DentiMax for you. Zane Huston Origins Growing up in Arizona, I always knew exactly what I wanted to be: an attorney. I find the nuances of the legal […]
April 25, 2023
Payment Solutions for your Practice

Dental Payment Solutions to Keep You and Your Patients Smiling

One of the biggest parts of running a dental practice is collecting payments for services. Without this income, your office could struggle to pay your staff and keep up with other expenses like rent. Plus, without payment solutions, you can quickly overwhelm your billing department if they have to split their days between processing new payments and collecting unpaid or incorrect bills. Fortunately, there are some options that can simplify payment collection for both patients and office staff. Here are a few methods to incorporate within your practice to increase […]
April 18, 2023
spring cleaning dental practice revenue

Spring Cleaning Your Dental Practice Revenue

The spring is synonymous with fresh starts – setting new dental practice revenue goals and priorities and moving away from unproductive habits – but have you considered a fresh start for your practice as well? This is an ideal time to reflect on the health and wellness of billing practices to improve productivity, compliance, and reimbursements and payments. Here are a few areas to consider for bringing more efficiency and convenience to your practice. Embrace Technology Maximize billing and payment productivity by adopting technology designed to simplify processes and reduce […]
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