We want to help you and your practice optimize how your your staff sets up and uses the DentiMax dental practice management software. Our FAQs below will answer commonly asked questions about DentiMax software. They can help you quickly resolve your challenges, allowing you to focus on patient care.

If you have other FAQs, please reach out directly, and we'll be happy to get back to you as soon as possible.

Basics FAQs

Our technical support team ensures your software runs to the best of its ability.

Training is responsible for teaching you how to use the software. You can purchase training and support separately.

Support prices are listed on our support page. Additionally, you can purchase training for $99/hour. We also have packages that include both for your convenience.

We offer in-person training, personal remote training online, online training videos and webinars on our YouTube Channel, training manuals, and help guides.

Search our support and training resources.

We require one to three weeks prior notice for scheduling in-person training, but prefer more advance notice when possible.

The DentiMax support page will give you our latest support hours.

Support is also available via email and by scheduled appointment if that is more convenient for you.

The DentiMax maintenance plan is optional. Your package may include it.

You can purchase technical support at an hourly rate or a monthly or annual package.

Software FAQs

Yes, with our Global Payments Integrated module, you can post credit card transactions directly into the ledger. There is no need for double entry.

You will also receive competitive merchant processing rates through Global Payments, as a secure online credit card vault for storing payment methods and an online patient payment portal.

Ask your sales executive how to get Global Payments integration in your practice today.

The software includes everything you need to create custom reports.

If you would like us to create a report, contact our report programmer for a preliminary quote.

Technical Information FAQs

The DentiMax server-based version is currently only supported through Windows PCs and tablets.

You can use an iPad or Mac with our cloud software.

DentiMax is an open platform software, which means that we integrate with virtually all imaging systems.

DentiMax will work with both APEX EDI and DentalXchange. You can reach APEX at (800) 840-9152 and DentalXchange at (800) 576-6412.

Each can provide competitive pricing and will work wonderfully with your DentiMax Practice Management to keep you connected to your insurance companies.

Also, because it’s an open platform software, it may work with another clearinghouse of your choosing.

Our online (cloud) version of DentiMax is backed up at a secure offsite location with multiple redundancies.

You can also have your IT person set up an automatic online backup of your on-premise software.