Dental Practice Management Software

DentiMax dental practice management software helps you run your practice efficiently and effectively. It not only offers tight practice management and dental xray sensor integration, but also offers functionality that is simply not found in other dental software systems. From employee time tracking, to certified integrated credit card processing, to electronically capturing signatures on patient release forms, DentiMax has you covered.

Rated 5.0 by Dental Product Shopper, our dental practice management software is intuitive, flexible and powerful. DentiMax is one of the only solutions to offer you software that can be installed in your office, or accessed through the cloud.

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Optimize Your Workflow

Your practice management solution from top to bottom.
  • Home Screen

    Customize your Home Screen and System Experience

    Create your own personalized Home Screen with shortcut links to your frequently used areas of the software. You can even customize the look of your screen by using our color changer feature.
  • Kiosk Screen

    Digital Patient Registration

    Online registration allows your patients to take care of their paperwork, medical history and forms digitally before they ever step foot in your practice.
  • Patient Screen

    Manage Patient Info

    The patient information screen is designed to give you easy access to all your patients data, including the ability to set patient contact and appointment preferences, patient journal entries, and insurance data at your finger tips.
  • Appointment Screen

    Schedule Appointments Intuitively

    The most powerful and easy-to-use scheduler on the market with advanced features for one or many locations.
  • Charting Screen

    Chart Effortlessly

    Our speed charting with customizable charting buttons, clinical note templates, and treatment plan ordering will have you looking like a pro!
  • Charting Screen

    X-ray Integration

    When you have our suite of products working together, you’ll get an unriveled x-ray integration that let’s you filter images by tooth number and blow up images for enhance viewing all from the comfort of the chart screen.
  • Ledger Screen

    Line Item Accounting for Clear Balances

    Our ledger is the most powerful accounting system available. Line item accounting let’s you post payments exactly as an EOB would read.
  • Insurance Aging Screen

    Insurance Claim Tracking

    This screen was specifically designed to pull all your relevant patient and claim information into one place, sorted by primary or secondary insurance, and placed in aging buckets. Work through your claims smarter, not harder!
  • Collections Screen

    Keep Track of Collections

    Our collections module easily let’s you identify past due accounts and place them into 3 potential collections statuses. In addition to a pop-up note on the patient record, you’ll also have a color coded ledger that alerts you quickly to the patient’s account status.
  • Report Screen

    Comprehensive Reports

    We offer all the typical reports a practice needs, plus many reports to give you extra insight into your practice like the Appointment Time Analysis. Our reports will help you uncover gaps in your workflow and allow you to make changes for a better patient experience and smarter work day.

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We have Canadian dental software and software for international dentists.

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