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Why should I purchase sensors and practice management software from the same company?

Consider the benefits that a truly inte­grated practice-management/digital im­aging system has to offer:

  • No more worrying about the “bridge” breaking — With an inte­grated system, the link between imaging and charting is automatic and built in with no need for a third-party bridge be­tween the two systems. This eliminates any possibility of the bridge failing. More importantly, you will never have to play the “blame game” between your sensor and practice-management companies.
  • Create treatment plans and view X-rays from the same screen — By tightly integrating your digital X-rays with the charting screen, you can easily create treatment plans and view digital X-rays from a single screen. Simply click on a tooth in the charting screen to in­stantly see all of the X-rays associated with that tooth. No more clicking back and forth between windows.
  • Electronically send X-rays with claims — With an imaging and prac­tice-management system developed by the same company, the built-in e-claims submission becomes a lot easier to use. Say goodbye to the days of having to export, im­port, and then attach your X-images to their corresponding claims or, even worse, being forced to print and send them through the mail. With an integrated system, the digital X-ray images for your claims are already there! Simply select the image(s) you want and submit them. The ease of this process means that your staff will actu­ally use it, which results in you getting those insurance checks much faster.
  • Tech support — When you are faced with an issue, problem, or just a question about your computer system, not only do you know who to call, but the support tech will not use that age-old excuse, “That isn’t within our support; you will need to call someone else.” While some companies that provide an integrated system charge separate support fees for each program, a few, including Denti­Max, have one support number and a contract that covers all of your needs.