Dental X Ray Sensor Holders

Complete your digital dental sensor purchase with the positioner/holder kit perfectly sized for each size sensor so that you can comfortably take the perfect xray. Patient comfort is a key feature of both the DentiMax Dream Sensor and our positioners. The positioners are designed to take advantage of the thinness of the Dream Sensor so they fit the sensor perfectly! See our video library to find out how to take the perfect dental xrays using the positioners and the Dream Sensors.

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Each positioner kit comes with two different positioner systems in one kit. (1) Comfyray (1) Clickray ring and rod with two of each color (red, yellow, blue) bite block.

ComfyRay Positioner

A “stick” style positioner with a vertical and a horizontal side. The “shark fin” bite area is perfect for endo. You just have the patient hold the opposite end, and the “shark fin” allows you to place the sensor so the files will not get in the way of the positioner.

ClikRay Positioner

With the ClikRay positioner system, the metal bar moves freely through the bite block and the ring, so the sensor can be positioned perfectly. The ring can be against the patient’s cheek and you can get the cone directly against the ring regardless if you have a wall mount unit or a handheld unit which has its scatter guard all the way at the end of the cone.

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