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Support is available to help you find solutions, integrate your dental accessories into DentiMax, and give you the confidence to use our dental software fearlessly.

Your Time is Valuable

Your day is busy enough. Waiting on hold for support is never pleasant, and we don't want you to have to wait any longer than necessary to get the assistance you need. Here are a few steps to help you get to the right person as quick as possible:

Get Connected

If you've been asked by one of our representatives to open our support portal, please click the button below. You will be taken to a remote web page.

Open Portal

Is this an Imaging or Practice Management issue?

DentiMax Imaging and DentiMax Practice Management are two different pieces of software with their own dedicated support teams. If your office only uses one of our software programs, you may not know the difference when asked at the menu screen. If your support needs involve digital X-ray or sensors, you'll want to select option 1 for DentiMax Imaging. if your support needs involve front office issues like ledgers, claims, or appointments, you'll want to select option 2 for DentiMax Practice Management. Making sure to hit the correct option here can help prevent waiting on hold for the wrong team

Is this a technical support or a training issue?

It's easy to think that any questions regarding the software can be answered by technical support. But that's not always the best place to check first. Our technical support team are computer experts ready to help you with any technical issues (such as error messages, printer setup or freezing). They aren't necessarily trained in dentistry practices or office workflow. If your question isn't a technical issue, but rather looking for instructions on how to complete certain tasks ("How do I update insurance?" "How do I use the new statement manager?" etc), calling tech support is probably not the best chance to get you the best answer. You'll likely get a more thorough answer going through your training account. (You can visit our training page to learn more about your training options.

Is phone or email going to get me a quicker response

Many technical issues will require a technician to log into your system to help correct errors.In many cases, however, the answer to your questions can be sent over email. On occasions when our call volume is high, an email might get a faster response.

What is support triage?

Although it isn't common, there are times when all of our support representatives are on the phone with other clients and your wait time could be significant. When this happens, you may occasionally be transferred to a non-technical representative. This person can gather your contact information and a description of the issue so that a representative can call you when they're available. The person on the phone is not trained and typically can't help with your problems immediately. They're simply taking a message so you can get back to your work day rather than continuing to wait on hold.

Look for answers while you wait

There are many resources on our page which may answer your question. You can browse the following resources The DentiMax Blog | Support FAQs | Imaging Video Library Hopefully these steps can help get you the support you need and not the hold times you don't. We look forward to talking with you.

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  • $99/hour or instance

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Care Package

  • $500/year OR
  • $49/month with one year minimum commitment, charged monthly

Enhance Your DentiMax Software and Imaging Experience with Training

In addition to our support services, check out our training page to learn about ways you can get training and package price to get the most out of your software.

Practice Management Training | Imaging Training
Support Policy

All plans will automatically renew at the current rate unless specified otherwise contractually. Requests for cancellation must be submitted at least 15 days prior to the renewal to guarantee cancellation. Requests received less than 15 days prior to renewal will be honored on the next billing cycle. If you'd like to cancel please call us at here or email us.

Clients without a support plan or with an expired support plan will be asked to purchase one should they call technical support. Technical support agents will point you in the right direction on solving your issue, but will be unable to assist if you are not on a current support plan.

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