January 28, 2020

Implementing Orthodontics in Your General Practice

Are you considering implementing orthodontics to your practice’s offerings? More and more dental offices are getting into the Orthodontic arena. With all the new clear-aligner options that tout “self-guided" cases and with easier cases where people just want a few teeth cosmetically corrected, it’s hard to resist getting into the ortho game. There’s a decent amount of financial gain in the ortho industry, with fairly predictable work when dealing with pre-made clear-aligners, and more insurance companies are offering orthodontic benefits While offering orthodontic treatment may seem lucrative to your practice, […]
November 19, 2019

Alicia Dieujuste – A Q&A With Our Practice Management Director

Our Practice Management Director, Alicia Dieujuste, worked in dental offices for 11 years before she joined DentiMax. This extensive experience gives her a unique perspective to design new features by collaborating directly with our programming team. She gets it! She is designing features to fix problems that she faced when working in dental offices — she is the user. What kind of work did you do in the dental industry before joining DentiMax? I worked for a local dental consulting firm, and I began my consulting position by training in […]
November 14, 2019

Use the Dream Sensor to Capture to Dexis ®*

Imaging software and dental sensor integration is one of the most common concerns for dentists. According to a Software Advice report, digital sensor integration is the most requested software functionality among dentists. That is why DentiMax developed the DentiMax Native Capture Module, which allows the Dream Sensor to natively capture to Dexis ® without the need for a TWAIN driver. What is the Native Capture Module? The DentiMax Native Capture Module allows you to use the DentiMax Dream Sensor directly into the Dexis Imaging Suite™. Whether you have Dexis® 9 […]
September 6, 2019

How to Acquire New Patients

For any office, especially a new office, filling those dental chairs with paying patients is always a huge concern. Here are a few things you can do to acquire new patients. Social Media Social media can be a great way to advertise your offers and get patients.  According to a PricewaterhouseCoopers report, 41 percent of respondents said social media influenced their choice of a healthcare provider. This becomes even more relevant if you want to attract Millennial patients since 83 percent of Millennials have a Facebook account. Internet Reviews According […]
August 29, 2019

The ClikStik and ComfyRay Positioners Are Awesome

Over the years, we have used different positioning systems and have discovered the advantages and disadvantages of each of them. Although each had its advantages, we couldn’t find the perfect solution. Then we discovered the ClikStik and ComfyRay positioners. Seven reasons why the ClikStik and ComfyRay positioners will help you take better X-rays. Positioners Fit to the Sensor Both of these systems fit the sensor. A lot of other sensor companies use the Rinn XCP-DS Fit positioners, which are one-size-fits-all. They’ve got a rubber band and they stretch so you […]
August 29, 2019

Get Ready for DentiMax 20

Ready for some extra exciting news? DentiMax Software is happy to announce that we’ll be offering an upgrade coming this fall to the latest and greatest software, DentiMax 20! Outside of your team, practice management software is the heartbeat of your office. That is why having software you can rely upon and trust is crucial. DentiMax 20 is the most powerful practice management tool coming to market.  Not only will DentiMax 20 help your practice collect more money, but the transparency it lends to your financial data is exactly what […]
August 14, 2019

How to Get Ready for E-Prescribing Mandates

Electronic prescriptions and prescription drug monitoring programs are becoming more relevant than ever before. Not only are federal and state regulations implementing  e-prescribing mandates, but also big pharmacies such as Walmart. The company recently announced that it will require e-prescriptions for controlled substances as of January 1st, 2020 in an effort to help “curb opioid abuse and misuse." The rise of drug-related deaths poses a big challenge to communities, governments and healthcare providers. According to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention data, around 71,000 people died from a drug overdose […]
July 23, 2019

Say Goodbye to Handwritten Patient Notes

Are You a Post-it® Note Queen (or King)? Recently, I was chatting with one of our clients. They were telling me how they should have invested in post-its because of how much they use them. I asked what they were using them for. She said everything from calling patient’s back to making a reminder to run someone’s credit card, and so on. I asked her why they aren’t using the patient notes in DentiMax, “None of my co-worker’s told me about that", she said . Today my hope is to […]
June 24, 2019

Profitable Scheduling for Your Office

What’s a dental office without a schedule? In the dental industry, we live and die by the clock. How long a patient has been waiting? Where can we fit in an emergency? How long do we need for this procedure/appointment? when is lunch time? Profitable scheduling is crucial to the success of a dental practice. Tips for Profitable Scheduling Template Your Schedule for Every Open Day Templating your schedule is akin to having a balanced diet. NO ONE wants to do crown deliveries or multiple Try-in visits all day. Having […]
April 15, 2019

The Illusion of Warranties You Should Know About

This year, I was able to witness a new trend in the Midwinter Meeting in Chicago and the Yankee Dental Congress in Boston when it comes to digital intraoral sensors. Nearly every digital sensor vendor was talking about the same thing. To my surprise, it wasn’t the price or the image quality that everyone was buzzing about. It was the warranties that came with the sensors! I noticed that there are many sensor manufacturers and resellers who are changing the verbiage associated with their warranty. Some of the verbiage I […]
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